Die Fledermaus

Friday, November 16, 2012 8:00PM
Harrison Opera House

Die Fledermaus
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Title: Die Fledermaus (The Bat)
Composer: Johann Strauss II
Libretto: Karl Haffner and Richard Genée
First performed: April 5, 1874 at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna
Virginia Opera Performance History: The Virginia Opera first performed Die Fledermaus in the Fall of 1982. This is a revival of the VAO’s 2003 production.

Conductor: Gary Thor Wedow
Stage Director: Dorothy Danner
Orchestra: Virginia Symphony

Adele, maid to Rosalinde von Eisenstein, is invited to a ball at Prince Orlofsky's palace. Claiming her aunt is sick, she asks for the night off. Gabriel von Eisenstein arrives home in a fury—he has been sentenced to jail. Eisenstein's friend Dr. Falke asks him to delay reporting to jail until the morning, and instead attend Prince Orlofsky's ball. Eisenstein bids farewell to his wife and maid and Rosalinde sends Adele off to see her "aunt." Finally alone, Rosalinde admits her lover Alfred, but is interrupted by the prison warden Frank who has come to take Eisenstein to jail. Rosalinde begs Alfred to pretend to be her husband and save her reputation, and so Alfred goes to jail.
The party at Prince Orlofsky's has begun. Falke has actually invited Eisenstein to seek revenge from the last ball where Eisenstein abandoned Falke, completely drunk and dressed as a bat ("Fledermaus"), in a public square. Eisenstein flirts with all the ladies, but becomes enamored with a mysterious Hungarian countess—really Rosalinde in disguise. Rosalinde instead takes her husband's watch to use as evidence of his philandering. As the sun rises, Eisenstein drunkenly staggers off towards jail.
Warden Frank arrives back at the jail. When Eisenstein arrives, he is shocked to hear that "Eisenstein" was brought to jail the night before.  Determined to identify the imposter, the real Eisenstein grabs a wig and robes and pretends to be a lawyer. Rosalinde arrives to get Alfred out of jail and asks the closest lawyer to help her file for divorce. Eisenstein is enraged, whips off the robe and accuses Rosalinde of being unfaithful. She counters by showing him the watch that the "Countess" removed from him at last night's ball. Falke arrives and admits that he set Eisenstein up as revenge for the "Fledermaus" incident. Eisenstein and Rosalinde reconcile before Eisenstein is carted off to jail.
 Die Fledermaushas three acts and is sung in English with English supertitles.